Chloroquine chikungunya

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    Chloroquine chikungunya

    The fever is usually above 39 °C (102 °F) and sometimes reaching 40 °C (104 °F) and may be biphasic—lasting several days, breaking, and then returning. Fever occurs with the onset of viremia, and the level of virus in the blood correlates with the intensity of symptoms in the acute phase.

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    Chloroquine is also in trials as an antiretroviral for HIV-1/AIDS and is being considered in pre-clinical models as a potential agent against chikungunya and Zika. Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine phosphate are disease-modifying drugs used for rheumatoid arthritis but can be effective in the case of severe arthritis in chikungunya. An x-ray may be done to confirm damage or changes to your joint cartilage. 34 Many articles don't mention chloroquine at all. A few articles strongly recommend this Zhi 2020, Gao 2020 Chikungunya Virus Caveat Chloroquine was effective for chikungunya virus in vitro, but subsequently failed to work in primate model in fact, immunosuppressive effects of chloroquine actually increased viral levelsRoques et al 2018.

    However, headache, insomnia and an extreme degree of exhaustion remain, usually about five to seven days. When Ig M, an antibody that is a response to the initial exposure to an antigen, appears in the blood, viremia begins to diminish.

    Chloroquine chikungunya

    PDF Paradoxical Effect of Chloroquine Treatment in., How to Recover from Chikungunya with Expert-Approved.

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  4. In recent issues, the efficacy of chloroquine and the dosage that may be used in the treatment of acute chikungunya infections was discussed.

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    Today, there is no antiviral treatment against Chikungunya. We showed from ex-vivo studies in a sensitive model of cells culture to the viral infection that chloroquine provides a significant inhibition on the replication of the Chikungunya virus. In their Review on chikungunya, Gilles Pialoux and colleagues1 quote a Reflection and Reaction commentary previously published by our group2 as the source for the statement that “a clinical trial in South Africa failed to confirm the clinical efficacy of chloroquine on arthralgia”. It is true that chloroquine displays antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that, in our opinion, merit. Chikungunya virus, a re-emerging mosquito-borne alphavirus, causes fever, rash and persistent arthralgia/arthritis in humans. Severe outbreaks have occurred resulting in infections of millions of people in Southeast Asia and Africa. Currently there are no antiviral drugs or vaccines for prevention and treatment of chikungunya infections.

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